I never learned how to play but while looking at this piano right now I start dreaming: beeing that smart and good looking guest entering the room who says "hi" to everyone around, gives a hug and a kiss here and there, telling a funny joke so the crowd is laughing (not that nasty kind of a joke just a good quick joke no one gets bored while deliverd) and then sitting down on this little stool in front if the piano - naturally - and start to play for the people eating and chatting in the room. The piano room.


"K" is for "Klavier" btw.  German for piano. Do not own any "P's". Never did. A "P" never jumped into my basket while shopping. Maybe because "K's" are better looking and "P's" know that.  So they hide - beeing shy and a little uncertain next to the cool letters - in the back when letter buyers are on the hunt.

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