06. Mai 2017
The cutest place to meet friends and family, colleagues or dates is LILIE. It supports local artists and has yummy fresh food.
06. März 2017
Handmade paper collages. Using the letter y.
29. Januar 2017
19. März 2016
I met all these smart and creative people. I got a chance to talk to them about time, patience and life-lasting projects for one of my big projects "TIME TO TALK" I made these collages during my research about unique interview techniques and unique ways to portrait my dialog partners. It is based on experiences I made during interviews - you always have to roll up your sleeves and have to dig deep through facades, hidden emotions and prejudices to finally earn some real and rare moments.
17. März 2016
Dear Cat Lovers, got this sweet meow-filled cup from my friend EMTI today. She is cheering me up better than my cough medicine. And - best thing - it fits perfectly to my handmade TYPEFACE coasters. Ready to brighten up your mood? See more of her happy work and workspace here: LOOKIE-LOOKIE EMTISOMETHINGS
10. März 2016
Jeden Samstag wieder diese eine Frage: ab auf den Markt und Nahrung jagen oder mal wieder richtig auf die Jagd gehen: Design-Outlets, Baummärkte und das Internet? Zack! Entscheidung gefällt! Geht das bei Euch auch immer so schnell? Meine neuen Schätze machen zwar nicht satt, dafür aber auch nicht dick ... höhö.
09. März 2016